4 Key Factors Motivating the Development of Indonesian Creative Industries

The development of Indonesia’s economy is growing years. One of contributors to the rise of the Indonesian economy come from creative industries. The large number of young people with a myriad of potentials and innovations is making the creative industry even more colorful. It can be said that currently Indonesia’s creative industry is pursuing a dream so that it can align with the development of the world industry.

Surely the progress of Indonesia’s creative industry is not just happening, Dream Warriors In summary, it turns out that there are four main factors that motivate the development of creative industries in our country. What are the four main factors? Here’s the full review!

Key Factors Motivating the Development

1. Innovation and Creativity

Indonesia’s creative industry is currently dominated by the younger generation millennials with various ventures and businesses run. The biggest reason why young people fill the industrial world is because they have unlimited innovation and creativity. The potential they have is also so diverse that they can support the development of creative industries.

Young Indonesians have also greatly maximized their creative potential they have to produce economic works that inevitably benefit themselves and the country. The results of this millennial generation’s creativity have even earned up to billions of rupiahs. Certainly this became an achievement in it self for them.

2. Use of Social Media

The role of social media is also very influential in the development of industry Indonesia. If social media used to be limited to connecting and communicating with distant friends or family, now social media has turned into a golden field for industrial actors. Business owners are now beginning to use social media as a venue for digital promotion.

This is also in line with the increasing trend of digital marketing that sebe increasingly diverse. Business owners are vying for promotions on various existing social media platforms to increase sales. Another reason why social media is in high demand by business people is certainly for reasons of not too great a cost to be chromatized on digital platforms.

3. Technological Advances

The more days, technological progress becomes increasingly unstoppable. Every moment is certain there are always innovations and technology updates from the previous one. Technological advances bring fresh wind to industry players. The operational processes of the effort they run are becoming increasingly easy and fast.

This is certainly a positive change that will help developgan industry in Indonesia. In fact, technological advances could also be leveraged to create digital-based businesses. For example online news platforms like Cascade, Seconds, and more.

4. Visual Improvement of Display Quality

One of the influences of technological advances taking place in Indonesia …It is to improve the visual display quality of products from Indonesian youth innovation. Now with the help of computers, industry players can make visual displays of the products they make more attractive and thus increase sales.

Entrepreneurs can also utilize many visual design creation services yesng is rife to be offered in the modern era as it is today. That way, they could create a display capable of improving product branding in society.


Thus the article on the 4 Major Factors Motivating Development In Industrial Creative Indonesia, may this article be helpful for those of you who are studying about the creative industry.

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