Are You a Beginner Musician and Having Difficulties? Follow the Tips of These Top 5 Musicians!

Behind the glorious careers of now-famous musicians, all of them must have been a novice musician and experienced the hardest stage in his music career, which is the early stage. As a new musician like you are now, certainly they used to be still unknown and there may also be those who take for granted the music. However now they have made it through that stage and can work wonderfully!

To support the Indonesian music industry and beginner musicians in need an experienced spirit, Friends also tried to dig up important messages from musicians who performed at Fun Festival yesterday. Approximately what kind of message is yes given from the musicians who have already made it through this difficult stage? Let’s go! Let’s go!

Top Musician Tips

1. White Shoes and The Couples Company

This pop band from Jakarta is well known for its style and must type The different kind of music these days explains that the genre doesn’t really matter. Whatever the genre is, it will definitely be known and listened to if it has a capable musical quality. According to White Shoes and The Couples Company, the toughest challenge for novice musicians is determining focus and technical training because there are many things to learn once they plunge into the music world. Aside from practice, you can also learn by listening to various music you like. With perseverance and hard effort, you too will be able to get through this stage.

In addition to studying, beginner musicians also have a lot to attend events and festivals. Why? Why? To increase popularity, a gig is not the only way you can try. Networking is also essential for novice musicians to gain support and cooperation that can even increase your popularity more effectively! Lastly, White Shoes and The Couples Company also explains that goal is not the most important thing you should focus on. It is the process towards such goals that You must pay attention.

2. Endah N Rhesa

Well, this very famous indie musician duo must have a lot of that could be distributed to novice musicians. At the Blibli Fun Festival yesterday, endahUndah N Rhesa admitted that it is very happy to be able to perform because so many families watch its performance. Well, for you beginner, diligent musicians participate in family friendly events or festivals, yes! Imagine that not only is your music listened to by one group, but by one group with age and different generations can join in listening to your work.

In addition, udah also reminded musicians as well as other workers, that responsibility is the most important thing. “The musician must be able to take responsibility for his work”, said Pendah. Such responsibility is not solely your attitude to your work alone. But it also leads to responsibility to the government. Just take the example of paying taxes, according to Pendah, every musician must diligently pay taxes to make it easier for the government to give musicians the rights it deserves.

3. Danilla

For young singers who have similar style songs like Lisa Ono, this is funyi is like his own philosophy. When asked what inspiration Danilla-made songs are, he replied that the source of inspiration is his own life story.

“Heartache is naturalized, but it would be good to sing frompa”Danilla said it.”

The novice musicians could also sample Danilla who was always honest with him by oneself. He thinks musical identity is the most important thing. So, don’t be easily tossed around the current guys. If you do enjoy playing music with a certain genre, stay consistent with your genre!

4. Deaf People Project

Forming a band with specific intentions and goals can also be made into saThat’s one reference as a rookie musician, you know. Like the Deaf People Project, the band was formed to show that music can also be enjoyed by people with disabilities. Although the limitations of these band members could hinder in their work, they never give up and practice desperately for their performance.

If a known band is dying while practicing, then you are.i novice musicians also have to train themselves as best they can and can’t give up!

Besides working to show that the disabled are still people-great people who are able to work even though they have limitations, the band also wants to show local culture amid a trend that focuses on music from abroad. Following their footsteps, you can also introduce Indonesian local culture that is not too prominent yet, you know! Who knows instead will be the band’s unique selling value.

5. Kahitna

Who the hell you don’t know Kahitna with her romantic songs that caress the soul? This one band is considered a senior indeed, but its popularity remains high both among young and adults, you know. While attending the Blibli Fun Festival yesterday, Kahitna shared her secret of maintaining the band’s popularity for 31 years, which is by listening to what fans want. Adjusting music to fans’ tastes without having to eliminate the band’s identity is an ideal way to survive in the music business.

Besides, for you beginner musicians can also start by giving innovative touches to your music. If you want to attract fans’ attention, also make sure you make special offers so fans are also interested in checking your music.


Well, fifth The musician and band on top of this have already proved successful in his career in music. For novice musicians who want to go on going on in the music world, also make sure you pay attention to the tips above.

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