How to Handle Permissions of Domestic Industrial Products

Are you a household business operator that produces produk food? Have you taken care of your Home Industry Product (PIRT) licensing and trademark registration? Why should PIRT be taken care of first in household businesses?

PIRT is a permit for the beg household industry in the field of food. This PIRT is one of the must-have licenses for food producers. PIRT licensing can increase consumer confidence in the products consumed. In addition, PIRT is required when you want to distribute products further as in convenience stores, minimarkets, supermarkets, and other types.

How to Handle Permissions of Domestic Industrial Products

Well, the following we’ll explain the order of making fairieszinan PIRT in order to increase your efforts in distributing products.

1. Preparing the Files

In registering food products to obtain PIRT permission, there are some files that need to be prepared first. Required files include:

  • Home business owner ID photocopies photocopy
  • Fit photos of 3×4 home business owners, 3 sheets
  • Business domicile certificate of the camat office
  • Site plan and building plan
  • Puskesmas or doctor’s certificate, for examination of the caseehatan and sanitation
  • Application for permission for production of food or beverage to Dinas Health
  • Manufactured food or beverage product data
  • Examples of manufactured food or beverage products
  • Labels to be worn on food products of the beverage being prisedoduction
  • Include laboratory test results recommended by the Service Healthcare
  • Food Safety Outreach Certification

2. Business Brief (SKU)

One of the files you must fill in the izi adminn PIRT is a business statement issued by the sub-district office. The SKU issuance speed varies by region, the longest period of time is 2 weeks weekdays.Before taking care of the Business Brief (SKU), you will need to request surat-a-mail information from RT/RW then proceeded to the kelurahan level.

3. Following Food Safety Measures (PKP)

Before obtaining Food Safety Revision certification (PKP), you are required to follow a series of outreach events regarding food safety that take place during 1-2 business days.

However, this replenishment was only carried out at a certain time dan even in certain cases you are obliged to wait for other participants to the extent that it is considered sufficient number of participants. In addition the certificate of proof of PKP participation was not immediately issued. Certificates can be issued for up to 1 month.

4. Laboratory Tests

Another required file is the product test result of lan aboratorium. Each region provides varying conditions in laboratory test parameters, e.g. in region A requires nutritional, preservative, and dye tests whereas in region B requires nutritional and food resistance tests.

You can do laboratory tests of your products at the ministryian and the health office or the ministry and the industry office in your area. Additionally laboratory test rates vary according to your product test needs. The results of this test will be out for 2 weeks on weekdays or more.

Once it has satisfied the entire required file, you have the right to send those files to Medicare. If you pass the file check, the next stage of your place of business will be surveyed by a One Pinu Integrated Service (PTSP) officer together with the Health Service. Wait time surelize differs by region, depending on the number of queues. Once the survey has taken place, you will be given an attachment of the survey results and something to correct (generally there is always).

Once all the repairs are deemed appropriate, you still have to menUngu 12 or 14 business days before PIRT permission is issued. The PIRT license is valid for 5 years and needs to be re-extended.


So step make PIRT, hopefully this article will help You who are taking care of the licensing of the household industry. Thank you.

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