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Atalanta Slim Chest Rig - Split Front

  • $99.00

Atalanta Slim Chest Rig - Split Front

The Atalanta Slim Chest Split Front Mag is designed to have all the functionality of any quality chest rig while minimizing the bulk that multiple layers of gear can cause. Internal Mesh Map Pouch allows for easy access to Admin equipment. The Atalanta Slim Chest Rig features wide-set shoulder straps which fit perfectly on the outside edges of a plate carrier, eliminating additional gear depth and increasing operator mobility. Atalanta Slim holds 4 Mags in our Off-Set Mag Pouch design providing the operator with greater magazine grip area, resulting in a more efficient reload. The Split front allows for easy removal of the rig. The Atalanta weighs only 18 ounces!

Made in USA

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