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Our Sporting STYRKAR SA12 shotgun is a custom built shotgun worthy of running at the head of the pack in the worlds toughest shooting competitions.


Our STYRKAR SA12 Shotgun solves the following common issues:

No more picky ammo, feeding, and cycling issues. Our gas piston system eats everything! 

No more losing the bead! Our fiber optic front & rear sights are easy to aquire on the move.

No more looking down the barrel to see what choke is in it! Ours are color coded for quick identification.

No more sticking your finger in the barrel to unscrew a choke because you misplaced your choke wrench during a match.

No more slippery grip! Our stippled stock and fore-end help you keep your weapon under control.

Twin & Quad Load Ready, with Oversized, Extended Controls.

NO MIM (Metal Injection Molded) Parts!



 Barrel Length


 Charging Handle

Oversized Charging Handle and Bolt Release


HD Two-Tone Engraving


Stipple Grip Stock & Forend


Flared Loading Port & Welded Lifter


Extended Magazine Tube