Role of Creative Industry in Indonesia

Creative industry in Indonesia at This is in the spotlight because it contributes quite significantly to the economy in Indonesia, based on BECRAF data, Indonesia’s 2017 gross domestic product contribution of 7.28%. Looking at these considerable contributions, we need to take a closer look at what creative industry is according to several sources.

Role of Creative Industry

The following is understanding or deffinis concerning creative industries:

Simatupang (2007) :

Creative industry is yan industryg rely on skills, talents, and elements of contented creativity to promote well-being.

Ministry of Commerce RI in 2009 :

Creative industry is yan industry comes from the utilization of skills, creativity, and talent that individuals have in creating welfare and employment. The industry will focus on empowering the creative power and creation power of an individual.

According to BECRAF, there are 16 sub-sectionsor creative industries, the following are the sixteenth sub-categories of those industries:

-Application and game development
-Product design
-Interior design
-Visual communication design
-Performing arts
-Movies, animations, and videos
-Fine arts
-Television and radio

Some Benefits Affordable with the growing creative industry in Indonesia:

-New Innovations Are Growing Dengan An Quick
-Opening and Adding Jobs
-Value and quality of a shema product increased kin
-Humans will be prosecuted for the more creativity
-Competitive competition
-Economic growth


So the article on the Role of Industry Creative in Indonesia,hopefully help.

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