Smart Tips for Running a Creative Industry

Smart Tips for Running a Creative Industry

Creative industries are viewed as increasingly important in support of welfare in the economy, various parties argue that “human creativity is a major economic resource” and that twenty-first century industries will depend on the production of knowledge through creativity and innovation.Various parties provide definitions that different are different regarding activities included in the creative industry . Even its own similarity has become an issue debated in the presence of significant differences while overlapping between the terms creative industry, cultural industry, and creative economy.

But we don’t issue the meaning of the name but the most important Indonesian economy can run. We understand these past few years that a variety of creative business opportunities have now begun to emerge in various parts of the world as the creativity of the people in our country increases.

Smart Tips for Running a Creative Industry

Looking at those conditions, a lot of your people is interested in pursuing a creative business to make a big profit every month. From pursuing an increasingly promising advertising business, increasingly diverse craft businesses, to pursuing an increasingly profitable design business, to entering film, and a myriad of creative activities other ifs such as printing business, information technology development, research and development business, fashion business, etc.

The prevalence of opportunities and the number of workers creatives that are emerging in different regions, certainly making market competition in those industries more and more days increasing rapidly.

Therefore, to help I’m trying to continue to survive in the creative industry sector. On this occasion we intentionally outlined some of the smart ways to pursue creative industries that you can implement in running a business chain that is managed by SME Business.

1. Aim for ben target and market segmentsar-true potential

In the course of an undertaking, importance for us to determine the target as well as the market segment we will aim for. Because, this will greatly affect us in determining product design, marketing strategies, price ranges, ways of service to consumers, as well as product development plans to be more creative and innovative. And finally consumers are interested in the products you offer.

2. Recognize the advantages and disadvantages of the product you

An effort certainly cannot be undone from the presence of a risk of competition. Because of this, take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of your product compared to other similar products. For example simply compare the design and quality of your product to that of a competitor, compare the price of your product to a similar product on the market, as well as membingkandistinguish the unique marketing strategies other creative workers use.

That way, you could learn the powerrange and excess competitors, and begin to highlight your product’s excess to instill the distinctive features and specific identities that differentiate your product from others.

3. Don’t be swayed price war and mesex out product quality

Although nowadays many business operators who are vying to offer low prices or massive discounts to network potential customers. You’d better not be swayed and take a similar strategy to attract prospective consumers. Because this will only undermine the characteristics and identity of the business you build, The arena is typically to curb cheaper production costs, business operators lower the quality of the products they offer.

4. Continue learning and create ideas

As a creative industry operator, of course You must have broad insight to create fresh ideas and develop the product creations you offer. Because of this, keep learning to improve the knowledge and abilities you have.

Examples are just like by reading book, observe market trends through magazines, tabloids, and other newspapers, search for fresh ideas over the internet or meet new people to share science and exchange ideas with them.


Are you ready to run industry?This creative in order to reap success. Good luck to you.

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