Smart Ways to Enter the Music Industry

In The music industry these days, pelaku-stars such as labels, bands, singers, distributors, and anyone who enjoys this pot can no longer rely on conventional ways to get the most results. There has to be a revolutionary and amazing move to get an interesting response of course.

Many musicians are really euphoria when it gets contracted with a big [or small] label. They then surged into bands preparing to enter the industry—quite strictly [and cruelly as possible]. But at that point, they actually have to prepare themselves so they don’t get rinsed quickly and then it pops into smoke yan angina blown away.

Revolutionary Industrial Strategy

Industry is now seen as septechnology, perhaps even a small piece of technology, that will eventually be more powerful on the positive and the negative side. The two camps that stalked each other. Even so, the Indonesian music industry is considered to still have the ability to give birth to musicians of considerable quality and class. Even though his point of view can still be be debated.

There are a few things that could be in a way de facto and de jure could be done as a first step. This understanding would have been ablaze had the band, singer or musician, been willing to learn and map out its mission before they mentas a single work and product.

1.Confidence And Trust In Other People.

For new players, trust in The self and the person we can trust, can give us the confidence to enter the realm of ignorance and to further equip ourselves to know better. Interestingly, one Indonesian musician when interviewed about this strategy called a combination of ‘logical hesitation’

2.Spirit and Focus

The spirit in doing the workmanan, making songs, promoting and thinking about how to make the artist work, energizing and empowering him to do his best. Should, when this could be synergized with all components in the industry, the results would be good. Although there are many other things that we never expected.

3.Loving Its Industry

Otherwise love the industry, why intend to enter the industry? This is an important provision to then dare to do many positive things to advance the music industry itself. This love cannot come out of the blue without preparation. Musicians who are splashed must thoroughly prepare the device for “run marathons” and not “die” in the center of the arena. That is, exist for long periods of time, need to be nurtured away.


That was the smart way to get into Industry Music.You’re ready from now on?

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